you know anyone at all who doesn’t have Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram? Then you apparently know a person of a rare kind. Keeping in touch with someone from the other side of the world is now as easy with people from the neighbouring streets. And while people enjoy the lively contact with each other independently from distances, social media marketing become more and more an important aspect in working with websites and companies. As a new backlink profile and almost cost-free marketing instrument social media portals considerably contribute to search engine optimization after SEO.


The nerd himself likes to use social media portals: He bustles on Google+, Facebook and Xing, twitters interest short messages, takes care of his contacts on LinkedIn and shares Pinterest photos, after he uploaded videos on YouTube. Everything the nerd from the Berliner SEO agency finds funny, interesting or informative for his contacts is forwarded to them with no effort. And as a true social media fan with a love for SEO3.0 he incorporates these advantages of social media marketing opportunities into his work for his customers. For social networks offer more than just the exchange of messages between friends and family.

Used as a marketing instrument, you can bring target groups closer to your own website and the contents on it just like any other option of SEO and marketing; at least, if the contents were designed as high-value unique content with added value by the ambitious website owner. If a webpage is convincing with its contents it will be shared in the social networks without taking anything off the marketing budget: The word-of-mouth propaganda a la SEO overshadows any previous advertisement methods.



    By creating a Facebook account – private and business contacts can be made, own fan pages and groups can be created, and a limitless number of photo albums can be uploaded. Published contents can be shared with all friends or only a group of friends, depending on which setting you chose. Facebook belongs to the most popular social media platforms since the various integrated apps and options to interact can be successfully used for any kind of topic. Internet users of any age bustle around on Facebook.

  2. GOOGLE+

    Like Facebook Google+ offers diverse options for keeping in touch with contacts and getting information, regardless if private or in a business context. It doesn’t reach the possible visitor numbers as Facebook does, but it is of extra value for SEO as it interconnects the different Google products: a direct invitation for search engines and the provision of Google+ activities in the backlink profile.


    Twitter is like a mini-version of other social media platforms, but is quite big with its short messages: main activity is sending so-called tweets that can only be 140 characters long. By subscribing with others, the sent tweets are shared with all linked persons and can be forwarded to further contacts in a short time that way.


    As a video sharing website YouTube offers a fast and good distribution of videos that can be reviewed by the maker in the community after uploading. YouTube belongs, like Google+ to Google and is probably involved in the evaluation of search engine optimizations like all other Google products.

  5. Email Marketing

    E-mails are most comfortable and common form of communication in this present scenario. It's a fastermode of written communication, more inexpensive, more attractive as well more convenient. When it comes to bulk Email Marketing - then have trust on only Your Reputations Consulting. Email Marketing helps you to reach your target group at very minimal cost. Online email campaign has surfaced as the best and moderate online advertising techniques accessible to advertisers as businesses can see the results of email marketing in their measurable ROI.

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  6. SMS Marketing

    SMS Marketing is a blasting advertising system which is being widely executed in recent. SMS Marketing India finds a huge fan following, and effective outcome on the audience. Bulk SMS advertising incorporates executing promoting procedures by connecting with the intended interest group by means of their mobile phones. Now a day it has become most suitable and affordable way of sending business communication to your customers. If you are willing to advertise your products and brand utilizing bulk SMS marketing. You can take SMS marketing services from us. So no need to wait any more and no compelling reason to consider how to teach your customer about your most recent products. Your Reputations Consulting will give you cost effective SMS promoting (Mobile Marketing) service. Simply get in touch with us and we will give all of your in sights about our services.


You worked so hard to get an Adsense account approved. Now it is time to make money from your websites. You would need an optimized theme that will help you to get clicks and generate income from Google Adsense.

  • Before we go to details, please remember one thing. You should keep your readers happy by providing them the contents as the priority. Don’t try to make your websites look messy with Ads everywhere. It won’t help. The right approach is to provide them the contents first. Then find a good way to display Adsense Ads along with the contents.

5 important elements to look at when it comes to choosing a best for Adsense websites.

  1. Clean and Simple
  2. Optimized for high Click-through rate (CTR)
  3. Optimized for SEO
  4. Optimized for speed
  5. Responsive