Improve Your Business Processes with Email to SMS

Send SMS reminders, confirmations, alerts and offers directly from your application.

Appointment Reminders

Remind your clients about appointments and reduce ‘no shows’.

Staff & Team Alerts

Send text alerts whenever you need to alert or notify your team or staff.

Booking Confirmations

Confirm bookings made by customers with a quick text message.

Marketing & Promotions

Promote your business and services by sending texts to customers.

Hardware Monitoring Alerts

Hardware Monitoring Alerts When a server crashes at 2 a.m., send a text alert to your IT team.

Alerts & Notifications

Boost your business by sending alerts & notifications about critical updates.

Online SMS Shop is a decade old firm in the business of online bulk SMS services, catering to all types of customers, big, medium and small through our innovative solutions for sending group SMS all over India via different gateway networks. We are leading Bulk SMS Provider in India provides best services. Whether you are launching a new product in your area or would like to make a nationwide announcement, we will manage all aspects of your requirements from start to finish!


  1. Promotional Bulk SMS

    Promote your Business with Promotional SMS Online SMS Shop gives a best promotional bulk sms services and we are the leading fastest growing network based on India and we provide all new way of communicating and promoting network to grow your business. We also provide very reliable Bulk SMS Services Provider gateways for integration into websites, web applications, online shopping carts, banking solutions, online networking sites, share trading software, and other applications. Our online SMS tool and HTTP API are provided free of cost to our clients backed up by our excellent support team. All you pay for is for the number of SMS credits you require which in turn depends on your needs. Our promotional bulk sms software filters Do Not Disturb (DND) (NDNC filter – National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending messages.

  2. Transactional Bulk SMS

    Promte your buisness with Transactional SMS Online SMS Shop provides a most excellent Transactional Bulk SMS Services and we are the top most growing network based on India and we provide all new way of communicating and promoting network to grow your business. Transactional SMS is just a SMS which is used to transactional purpose such as Alert and Order confirmation as per TRAI rules and regulation u can’t use this promotional purpose.

  3. Whatsapp marketing india

    Using WhatsApp marketing we can easily send a very big amount of WhatsApp messages to your targeted clients or customers. Whatsapp tool is a Cross-platform direct messaging application that allows iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia Smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free. WhatsApp is really a great tool for messaging it’s a best local marketing resource.

We are Bulk SMS Services Provider India offer affordable promotion and transaction sms services.

Resellers Features:

  1. Instant activation of white label website.
  2. No limit to create re-seller or user under your account.
  3. API with your branding.
  4. Technical support at any time.
  5. Option Bulk SMS
  6. Option Bulk SMS
  7. You can also create your sub Re-seller.