Website Redesign & Modification

Your business professional or personal website design needs to look good, follow current design trends and reflect your business image and product. Dimakh Consultants provides you with innovative design ideas that adhere to current Web 2.0 standards and utilises the latest web technology to create a superior customer experience.

It is time for Website Redesign when your site looks outdated, your site no longer is visible in search engines, your competitor has a better website than yours, your site is not user friendly with ease of navigation, no social networking initiative done and your content is out dated.

Are you looking for a company who can offer a quick responsive website design? We offer the best designs for mobile friendly website and ensure that your website is upgraded to the latest trends. So if your business needs a mobile compatible website, we can help in following areas -

Focus on Website Redesign

  1. Content Management System

    A content management system give you the total control and flexibility to manage and update your website on regular basis without depending on your website service provider. Our redesigning prcoess will take into consideration your business requirements for CMS and accordingly recommend a single user or multi user CMS with rules and roles defined.

  2. Analysing the Analytics

    Analytics refers to all kinds of data pertaining to your website. Which part of your site has been viewed more than the others, a geographical profile of your web audience, which features have attracted greater attention? The data acquired after an in-depth analysis will help you realise what features need to be kept intact and what to change. It will also help you gain a fair idea of your viewers so that you can keep their preferences in mind while going for a complete overhaul.

  3. Choosing the Right Design

    Quite certainly, every redesign process aims to change the way a website looks. Thus, it becomes important to choose the right font, cases, text styles, backdrops, colours etc all this time over to give it a refreshing feel. The style of the website must be in keeping with its ethos.

  4. Social Media Optimization

    Your website needs a redesigning so as to accommodate social media initiatives like having a Blog created and maintained or a Facebook and twitter link with direct updates. A quick feature addition like refer a friend or a call to action on your website will give you a new way of interaction to your visitors. Our Social Media Optimization team will guide you to achieve all these goals during the redesigning exercise.

  5. Search Engine Optimization

    A website which is search engine optimized attracts more visitors and relevant hits. Our web redesign strategy gives maximum attention to making your website SEO friendly. A proper balance of design aspects and search engine focus is maintained and this ensures highest results for you to reach out to your target audience.

Website Maintenance

It is always recommended to keep your website updated with the latest information about your products or services. But its also important to understand the difference between website maintenance and website redesigning.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract - AMC

    IT SYSTEM LOGICS provides a cost effective and a suitable solution as per your business needs. If you need 5 update every months then its better you Go plan or else an Annual Maintenance Contract is recommended to ensure a quick turn around and effective service.

Features And Services

  1. Home page modifications and changes
  2. Inner Pages Content updates
  3. Adding new links
  4. Updating company Members profiles
  5. Adding new pages to the website
  6. Adding new interactive feature to the website
  7. Removing old news items and press releases
  1. Modifying content and graphics
  2. Recruitment information in the website
  3. Pricing changes for your products
  4. PDF creation and uploading
  5. Maintaining your complete shopping cart